Ready to Hope Again Sterilisation ReversalAlthough more than 150 million women worldwide having had female tubal sterilisation, as many as 10-25% women later regret the decision. This means between fifteen to 37 million women wish they had never had tubal ligation. If you are one of these millions of women who have regretted a tubal ligation procedure, you are not alone.

With a 76% success rate, Mr Dobson brings hope back to women by performing sterilisation reversals and has the glowing testimonials of women who have had babies to prove it.

Sterilisation reversal or IVF? 

Many women assume IVF is the only solution to having another baby. In most cases, sterilisation reversal is preferred because it is less invasive, has a higher success rate, and costs less than IVF. The best way to determine which method is right for you is to make an appointment with Mr Dobson so he can evaluate your unique situation.

Preparing for your appointment. 

Prior to your appointment with Mr Dobson, it can be helpful to find out the following information to help him decide if sterilisation reversal is an appropriate procedure for you. If you can, it will be helpful to obtain any medical records available related to the original tubal ligation surgery.

  • What method was used? Were the fallopian tubes cut or clipped?
  • How much of the fallopian tube did the surgeon leave?
  • Where in the fallopian tube was the procedure performed?

If you don’t have this information, Mr Dobson can determine the answers to these questions and advise you on other factors that affect whether or not female sterilisation reversal procedure is right for you.

Financing female sterilisation reversal. 

Quite frankly, many women are surprised that sterilisation reversal is not as costly as they thought. If you need to finance or save up funds for the procedure, Mr Dobson offers the BMI Payment Plan Card and a Save and Pay plan.

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