PTLS Treatment Results: Case Study

We have a few ladies coming to see Mr Pickles and having a reversal of their sterilization for their symptoms of PTLS – Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome. Here is the testimonial received from one such lady who outlines her problems before surgery and how much better she is feeling now:

Hi Mandy,

I’m so sorry I’ve taken so long to get back in touch. It’s been a busy and crazy few months my baby was in hospital and Christmas etc!

Anyways the GP wouldn’t re check my hormones I’m not old enough I was told!

Think I will need to go private and get them looked at.[I’m] still doing fab all my issues have gone since surgery apart from this pressure on my head which is horrible but it seems to be at its worst at certain times of the month. Now [it’s ] as if some sort of hormonal change triggers the worst of it. I have to see ENT soon but I’m convinced it’s hormonal more than anything.

So grateful to Mr Pickles for giving me my life back we all call him God in the PTLS support groups!

Symptoms before surgery;
severe anxiety attacks
Eyes yellowing
Hot flashes
Constant headaches and migraine
Unbearable cramps
Chest pains and palpitations
Suicidal thoughts
No libido
Nails breaking
Hair loss
Memory issues
No concentration
I know I’ve missed stuff but these were the main issues

Since reversal
No issues apart from this head pressure. Once that’s dealt with I will be 100% again but life is nice now not having all these other problems. Within days from the op I noticed things turning out for the better as time has went on Its all going great!

Thanks so much.

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