Sterilisation Reversal Can Be Easier Than You Think

There may come a time in your life when you want to try to have a baby. Perhaps you had a tubal ligation in the past for any number of reasons but have now changed your mind. What you may not realize is that sterilisation reversal is possible and can help your chances of having a baby. If you had … Read More

Tubal Ligation Reversal: Renewing Hope of Conception for Sterilized Women

Whether a woman does not want children or decides she has enough children, sterilization is a very personal decision motivated by a variety of factors.  For someone who has made this choice, sterilization is a one-time procedure that is more convenient than the long-term buying and using of conventional birth control methods such as the pill or condoms.  However, in … Read More

Testimonial: 12 Weeks 5 days

January 2013: Hi Mandy, Had our scan today, 12week 5days so thought would send you an update. Lively little thing it was! Even had its arm behind its head chilling. The consultant is keeping an eye on me because of the recent operation but everything looks really good. Thank you so much, were over the moon. Will keep you informed.

Testimonial: 12 weeks pregnant / 12 weeks since op!

December 2012: Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Dr Pickles and all of the  fantastic staff at Park hospital (Rufford ward). My operation was on the 21st September (12 weeks ago!) and I’m now currently 12 weeks pregnant!! All seems to be going well. I really can’t begin to thank you enough for giving myself the chance to be … Read More

Sterilisation Reversal is an Alternative for Women

Sometimes in life we change our minds. While it is typically a simple matter to make another decision, it isn’t quite as simple when it comes to becoming pregnant. Due to choices made in the past, a women can change her mind and want to become pregnant after having had a sterilisation procedure done. Now there is an alternative that … Read More

Considering Reversal of Female Sterilisation? You’re Not Alone

You would probably be surprised to know the number of women who come to our clinic seeking reversal of female sterilisation because of circumstances changing in their lives.  But, as you might be experiencing, life changes.  The plans that you had a few years ago might be completely different from what you would like to happen now, as far as … Read More

Testimonials: 15 weeks today!

Hello Mandy, Clive and all staffI had my sterilisation reversed on Fri 14 Sep 12 and XXXX and I are pleased to tell you we have had 3 scans and I can confirm that I am 15 weeks today (New Years Eve). Our miracle creation is due 24 Jun 13, although by my dates, it should be 2 Jul 13, … Read More

Regrets About Tubal Ligation – Consider Sterilisation Reversal

Many women chose sterilisation because they believed at the time that they did not desire to become pregnant in the future.Women who had already borne children, may have felt that their families were complete or a situation may have existed that would cause the prospect of pregnancy to be a difficult and stressful one. But life and circumstances change, and … Read More

Testimonial: 8 Weeks 1 Day

December 2012 Hi Mandy, Just a little update. We had another scan on Friday and I was 8weeks 1day. (a week ahead of my date) All was well and baby beans heart was flickering away nicely 🙂 Will keep you updated.

Testimonial: Our Scan

Hi, I can’t remember if we informed you of our pregnancy. I underwent reversal of strerilisation last jan 2012.  Had miscarriage in march.  Please find attached scan photo of our  little girl due 19th of jan 2013 so far all is well. Thank you all so very very much.