Tubal Ligation Reversal Helps Women Be Fertile Again

In the past, once a woman had a tubal ligation she was done with having babies since this is a permanent solution. However, we all change our minds on things and having a baby is one of the most important decisions of your life. Fortunately, tubal ligation reversal is not only possible but can be quite successful. There are times … Read More

Consider Female Sterilisation Reversal To Complete Your Family

You’d be surprised to know how many women call us asking about female sterilisation reversal because they’ve been feeling as though their last pregnancy simply shouldn’t be their last pregnancy. It happens all the time. As women, sometimes we just know that our families, and therefore our lives, are not complete. Regardless of a decision you might have made a … Read More

Tubal Ligation Reversal is Not Only Possible But an Excellent Alternative

Just as there are many reasons why a woman chooses to have a tubal ligation, there are just as many reasons to consider tubal ligation reversal. Some women simply change their minds and there is nothing wrong with that. In life, we often make decisions based on what we think we will feel like in the future and like life, … Read More

Ready To Talk To Someone About Reversal Of Female Sterilization?

If you’re a woman who once believed her child-bearing days were over, and now you’re wishing for another baby, you might be feeling like your hopes are in vain.  Perhaps you’ve given some thought to reversal of female sterilization, but you just don’t think that it could possibly work for you.  At the Female Sterilisation Reversal Clinic, we’ve helped many … Read More

Tubal Ligation Reversal: Helping Women Regain Their Fertility

If you had known you’d be feeling a yearning in your heart for a baby now, you never would have had your tubal ligation surgery.  However, as you watch your friends continue to have babies, and you notice more and more large, happy families when you’re out and about, you’re beginning to feel like your surgery wasn’t the best decision.  … Read More

What You Can Expect With Reversal Of Female Sterilization

Because of changes in the circumstances of your life, you’ve decided that you and your partner would like to have a baby.  The only problem is, you’ve had female sterilization and you’re not sure what your options are.  There’s no reason to give up hope.  Many couples have achieved pregnancy following reversal of female sterilization, and at The Female Sterilization … Read More

The Good News About Sterilization Reversal

Perhaps at one point in your life, you felt that your family was complete.  You had a few babies and you honestly felt that you were finished with that part of your life.  Feeling secure in your decision, you choose female sterilization as your preferred method of birth control.  It seemed easier than remembering to take birth control pills or … Read More

Are You Considering A Female Sterilisation Reversal?

Sometimes in life, for one reason or another, women decide to undergo sterilisation. Perhaps it’s because the procedure is more convenient than remembering to use birth control pills and condoms. Maybe children aren’t part of the equation in the relationship you’re in at the time, and there’s just no reason to keep that option open. Maybe it’s for health reasons. … Read More

Female Sterilisation Reversal is a Natural Option

Many women have had female sterilisation procedures in the past because of a number of factors. Whilst this is a private and personal decision, at times you may wish you hadn’t done it or have simply changed your mind. There’s nothing wrong with thinking you may have made a mistake or simply had something happen in your life that caused … Read More

Testimonial: Wonderful little boy

hi mandy i dont kno if u remember or not i had a reversal two years ago with dr pickles and emailed u last year to say i was pregnant i had a wonderfull little boy on the1010 2012 we named him XXXXX n he is fab so just want to thank u and dr pickles for making it ll … Read More