Testimonial: 18 months after…

We used the services of Mr Pickles just over 4½ years ago.  My wife and I wanted him to perform a reversal operation.  He had come highly recommended with an excellent success rate.  We found him extremely helpful, calming and very positive.  We went ahead with the surgery, which went very well.  Around 18 months later my wife gave birth … Read More

Does Experience Matter?

Does Experience Matter When Choosing A Female Sterilization Reversals Surgeon? Experience does matter when considering a female sterilization reversal. Every year due to a change in circumstance or a change of heart, women decide that their sterilization procedure needs to be reversed to enable them to have another baby.  The female sterilization reversal operation requires considerable skill and there are … Read More

After Sterilization?

It is very understandable that having had a sterilization, and then changing your mind for whatever reason, there is a degree of trepidation about what to do next. A reversal of sterilisation is certainly an option that for many women in this position. In the UK there is increasing demand, year on year, for this specialist procedure which involves the … Read More

Tubal Ligation Surgery

Tubal Ligation Surgery or Female Sterilization Reversal?   Some women seem to be more fertile than others. While some women are struggling to get pregnant, there are other women who are afraid to have intercourse because every time they do it seems like they end up pregnant, even when they are using birth control and/or protection. It is not unusual … Read More

New Born Baby

Many women have come to see Mr Pickles for their reversal of sterilisation. XX % women go on to have babies…