is reversal of female sterilisation for youFemale reversal of surgical birth control is a rare topic of discussion, but it is a matter of much emotional ambivalence, particularly in the third world. Many cultures want to produce only male children.  After producing a male heir, many women are forced to have tubal ligations to avoid producing girl children.  Frequently this operation, tying of the Fallopian tubes to prevent ovarian eggs from attaching to the uterine lining and growing into a foetus, is performed in squalor by unqualified doctors.

Here, in the UK, the conditions are usually better, but the woman may feel rushed and not ready to have considered the procedure. 10-15% of British women will reconsider the joys of having another child later in life.

The Female Sterilisation Reversal Clinic is on the front row of helping older, bullied, or women who have changed their minds about having children to achieve their personal dreams. Led by Mr. Samuel Dobson, the clinic is based at the BMI Park Hospital in Nottingham; women come from all over the UK and the rest of the world to see Mr. Dobson, seeking reversal of their sterilisation.

The procedure is short and relatively painless, usually performed with the patient under local anaesthetic. Results can vary from surgeon to surgeon, but due to the period of time that Mr. Dobson has been performing this procedure, his refined skill has led to greater successes.  Think about it if you have had “your tubes tied.”  The process can, in most cases, be reversed and if you are feeling a lack in your life, consider consulting us to find out if reversal of female sterilization is for you.