How Often Does Female Sterilisation Reversal Result In Pregnancy?

How Often Does Female Sterilisation Reversal Result In PregnancyHave you caught yourself daydreaming about having another baby someday? Perhaps, like many women, thoughts of another baby were fleeting at first. However, now you’re getting them every day, and wishing that you had made a different decision about getting female sterilisation surgery.

You’re probably a perfect candidate for female sterilisation reversal. This surgery is a great option for women just like you who once thought their child-bearing days were over. Female sterilisation reversal offers you an excellent chance of getting pregnant. Many of our patients contact us within six months of their surgery to report that they have become pregnant. For those that take a little longer, we’re able to assess their individual physical situations and determine the next course of action.

We’re delighted to share our success rates with you, and we hope that they will offer you some hope for your own procedure. As you might have guessed, your age plays a major role in determining how effective your female sterilisation reversal will be. However, even if you’re between 35 and 39, your chances of getting pregnant are about 64%. We have had women over 40 years old get pregnant as well.

What we’ve found is that our surgeon, Mr Pickles, is becoming more proficient at performing this surgery. That means his technique is becoming more refined, and his rates of success are increasing. That’s good news for you!

We realise that you probably have many questions about female sterilisation reversal, and we’d love the chance to talk to you about those questions. Even though you might be nervous right now, those feelings of anxiety pale in comparison to the reality of holding your baby in your arms. Don’t pass up the chance to add to your beautiful family. For more information, contact us today. We’ll make sure you have all of the information you need to make a good decision.


6 Comments on “How Often Does Female Sterilisation Reversal Result In Pregnancy?”

    1. Hi Michelle

      Many thanks for your enquiry regarding reversal of sterilisation.
      Your success rate is based on many things and in particular age, type
      of sterilisation and length of tube.

      It would be really useful to know what method of sterilisation was
      performed and this information can be accessed from your GP or

      The cost of the operation is £3995 and is based on a 1-2 night stay at
      the BMI Park Hospital in Nottingham.

      Mr Clive Pickles, Consultant Gynaecologist, will give you an
      approximate chance of success at your initial consultation based on
      your given circumstances ie, your age, type of sterilisation, previous
      pregnancies and partner’s fertility etc. You can then make an
      informed decision whether you wish to go ahead with a reversal

      Your initial consultation can be via telephone or directly if you
      would prefer. As you will have seen from Mr Pickles’ website he has
      had tremendous success with his reversal of sterilisation technique
      and we continue to have a growing number of pregnancies.

      We do have a payment plan (BMI Card), details of which can be found on
      the link at the bottom of my website
      ( This allows you 6 months
      interest free to pay for the operation. Thereafter the standard APR
      applies. You can either print off the application form from the link
      or alternatively I would be very happy to send you an application.

      Should you require any further information or indeed wish to make an
      appointment for an initial consultation, please do not hesitate to
      contact me either by email or directly on 0845 767 9767 or 0115

      With kind regards.

      Mandy Banbury
      PA to Mr Clive Pickles

  1. im 33 yrs old and ive been sterilised for the last 8 yrs were i had my tubes tied i was forced into being sterilised by my ex coz i suffered 18 years ov physical n mental abuse by him and if i didnt get sterilised he would ov killed me. i know have a new partner and has no children we have been together for 3 and a half years n would long to have a child ov our own we dont have a great deal ov money and i was wondering if u offer a payment

    plan as this would mean the world to me and my partner to complete our family

    1. Hi Melissa,

      I’ve forwarded your message to Mr Pickles secretary with your email address so she will contact directly.

      Kind regards, Catherine

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