How Often Does Female Sterilisation Reversal Result In PregnancyHave you caught yourself daydreaming about having another baby someday? Perhaps, like many women, thoughts of another baby were fleeting at first. However, now you’re getting them every day, and wishing that you had made a different decision about getting female sterilisation surgery.

You’re probably a perfect candidate for female sterilisation reversal. This surgery is a great option for women just like you who once thought their child-bearing days were over. Female sterilisation reversal offers you an excellent chance of getting pregnant. Many of our patients contact us within six months of their surgery to report that they have become pregnant. For those that take a little longer, we’re able to assess their individual physical situations and determine the next course of action.

We’re delighted to share our success rates with you, and we hope that they will offer you some hope for your own procedure. As you might have guessed, your age plays a major role in determining how effective your female sterilisation reversal will be. However, even if you’re between 35 and 39, your chances of getting pregnant are about 64%. We have had women over 40 years old get pregnant as well.

What we’ve found is that our surgeon, Mr Dobson, is becoming more proficient at performing this surgery. That means his technique is becoming more refined, and his rates of success are increasing. That’s good news for you!

We realise that you probably have many questions about female sterilisation reversal, and we’d love the chance to talk to you about those questions. Even though you might be nervous right now, those feelings of anxiety pale in comparison to the reality of holding your baby in your arms. Don’t pass up the chance to add to your beautiful family. For more information, contact us today. We’ll make sure you have all of the information you need to make a good decision.