How a Tubal Ligation Reversal Can Change Things For YouNo matter what happens in life, one thing is certain – we sometimes change our minds. It doesn’t matter why you have changed your mind about having children, what matters is that tubal ligation reversal can change things for you and fulfill your wishes of having a baby.

We live in a world where the miracles of science have made it possible to change your mind about something as complicated as a tubal ligation. With your fertility being one of the most important decisions in your life and if you have second guessed your decision, you have the freedom to undo the tubal ligation and have the family you desire.

The facts are is that if you have had a tubal ligation with Filshie clips, then pregnancy is quite possible. In fact, the success rates are quite astounding. You might be interested in knowing that women under 30 had the highest success rate of 80% but even women over 40 (when it becomes harder to fall pregnant) still had a 31% success rate. The rates in between those ages varied with the younger ages having more success.

The procedure itself only takes about an hour or so and after a week of taking things easy, you can resume your normal routine and focus on getting pregnant.

If you are considering reversing your tubal ligation, you can simply Contact Us for a consultation with Mr Dobson and he can discuss any questions you may have, discuss your medical health and factors that may provide for a successful reversal.