Female Sterilization Reversal for A Change of MindFor years, women have been making, often at times, the regretful decision to be sterilized. Sometimes they’ve felt as if it were too late in life because they haven’t found the right partner, other times they’ve decided that they did not want to have any more children. What if you’re in your mid-thirties and you’ve given up on finding “the one”? The one with whom you want to share your life with to start a family. Age and circumstances play a big factor when a woman considers sterilization. A bout of depression at thirty five years old can lead a woman to tie her tubes as well as having a third child at twenty-seven, a big decision for both considerably young women. For women who have a change of mind, The Female Sterilization Reversal Clinic wants to greatly improve chances of a successful reversal of the sterilization procedure and conceiving.

Female sterilization reversal is a simple hour long procedure that has minimal recovery time and great success rates. The rejoining of the fallopian tubes is achieved by going in through a small incision cut along the bikini line (where a Caesarian scar would be), locating the cut fallopian tube and rejoining them with tiny stitches. Common complications are some bruising of the surgical wound, less common complications are infections. Your doctor will discuss further risks involved with you.

The pregnancy success rates are 76%, which means 76% of the women treated at the clinic became pregnant and had a baby. 8% of women did not conceive, 8% miscarried and 8% could not be contacted for follow up.

Mr Dobson has been performing this procedure since 1989 and is highly regarded in his field. For more information, contact us.