The Female Sterilization Reversal Clinic.


Here are some female sterilization reversal case studies. Some refer to Mr Pickles who established this clinic that is now run by Mr Dobson:

Female Sterilization Reversal Case 1 – Aged 30


This lady visited Mr Pickles as she wanted to have her sterilization reversed. She had previously had this performed 4 years ago when Filshie Clips were used. She had had 4 children with her partner and was very keen to have another as she deeply regretted her decision. After uneventful surgery she found she was pregnant 6 months later. Unfortunately she has had 2 miscarriages and is still trying to have the baby she yearned for.


Female Sterilization Reversal Case 2 – Aged 29


After having 4 children (from four pregnancies) in her early 20s, this lady decided that she would like another with her new partner. Having had the sterilization 6 years perviously, she had an uneventful sterilization reversal. The only concern found at surgery was the fact that on each fallopian tube, she had 2 lots of clips which meant that she had very short tubes post operatively. After 9 months, she still hadn’t become pregnant, so she attended the BMI Park Hopsital for an Hysterosalpingogram which showed patent tubes. A month later, this lady found she was pregnant and this pregnancy is still ongoing today.


Female Sterilization Reversal Case 3 – Aged 39


This lady had only recently had her sterilization, just 6 months earlier and was very keen to have surgery to reverse her sterilization as soon as possible as she felt she had made a dreadful mistake. Already, this lady had had 5 pregnancies which produced 4 children. 3 months after her reversal she is now pregnant.


Female Sterilization Reversal Case 4 – Aged 32


This lady was an insulin dependent diabetic and had had 5 pregnancies previously of which she had 3 children (2 miscarriages). She became pregnant shortly after her female sterilization reversal surgery to remove the Filshe Clips and re-connect her fallopian tubes and subsequently delivered a healthy baby.


Female Sterilization Reversal Case 5 – Age 40


After meeting her new partner, this lovely lady had undergone IVF and ICSI IVF to achieve the pregnancy she wanted so much. She had previously been sterilized 17 years previously after having 3 children from 4 pregnancies. After a straight forward female sterilization reversal this lady became pregnant 6 months later.


Female Sterilization Reversal Case 6 – Aged 37


This lady had simply regretted her decision to be sterilized. She had had 2 healthy children from 2 pregnancies and wanted another. After a straight forward reversal, she became pregnant 4 months later which is ongoing today.


Female Sterilization Reversal Case 7 – Aged 40


This lady had had 4 previous caesarian sections resulting in 4 healthy children. After having her sterilization reversed by Mr Pickles last July, she is now very pregnant.