Female Sterilisation Reversal Making the decision to get sterilised is not an easy one for most people to make: it is an invasive surgery that ultimately temporarily arrests a woman’s ability to reproduce. However, it sounds much more frightening than it actually is and contrary to the belief that it’s a permanent solution, it isn’t. Not unless the woman wants it to be.

A popular reason for a woman — or couple — to make the difficult decision of becoming sterilised is that they simply are not ready to have kids just yet, removing the possibility of mishaps with various other types of birth control. Though female sterilisation reversal is possible, a common question many have is “How much does the procedure cost?”

The short answer: much less than the cost of raising a child. The longer answer is: it depends on a number of things.

If the price of a reversal is an important factor when making the decision to become sterilised, you should first consider where you can see yourself getting the reversal performed. The reason for this is because, like the price of most other purchases, the price will vary depending on the location.

You should also consider what type of doctor you think you will want to have perform the procedure. Especially when dealing with such important parts of a woman’s anatomy, it makes sense that they would want the “best.” However, consider this: if you needed your house painted, would you necessarily need to hire Picasso to get the job done? Probably not.

And finally, what type of practice does the surgeon work in? Some practices take a very small subset of health insurance policies, while others accept a wider variety. Check with your health insurance company to see if they cover the reversal procedure and if your prospective physician will accept your plan.

If you are thinking about having a female sterilisation procedure reversal, please feel free to contact us to get you on the road of tomorrow.