female sterilisation reversalOne of the common questions that women ask before and after their female sterilisation reversal surgery is about how can they increase their chances of getting pregnant. It is a possible to measure the level of fertility by assessing the function of the ovaries. Whilst the ovarian activity is important, this does not help you if you have been sterilised. There is also another way that many women are not aware of that can help you have a child again.

Stay Healthy/Your Weight

We all know that if someone is over a certain weight that it can cause several health problems. Being overweight can also cause some women to suffer through infertility. Having a certain amount of body fat can result in irregular menstrual cycles, as well as ovulating less frequently than you would like. On the other hand, if a woman is not at the right weight, but underweight, that can also result in several complications. Women should speak with their regular physician to decide on what is the best weight for them.

What Are You Eating?

In order to conceive, a woman should eat the necessary foods that will increase the chances of becoming pregnant. A woman should eat foods that consist of a great amount of iron, Vitamin C, and protein. When a woman does not eat foods that contain the necessary vitamins and minerals, she will have a higher chance of not becoming pregnant. If she does become pregnant without eating these foods, there will be a higher chance of having a miscarriage.

Try To Remain Stress-Free

We all know that life comes with several problems and stresses. However, it is in your best interest to stay away from things that may make you feel sad or depressed. If you try to have a stress-free mind, you will increase your chances of having another baby.

The way that you will have a baby is with your partner. Your partner plays a huge part in your fertility. If your partner is not healthy, or he constantly smokes or drinks, he will lower your chances of having a baby. So, you and your partner should do everything in your powers to remain healthy.

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