Female Sterilisation Reversal As we go through life we sometimes change our minds. What we once thought is now a different viewpoint and this includes having a baby. Some women choose sterilisation but later decide they want a baby and this can be due to many reasons – a new marriage perhaps or just a simple change in lifestyle.

While female sterilisation reversal is an option, some might be intimidated or scared about the procedure. However, this doesn’t have to be; the procedure itself only takes about an hour or so and soon after you can get back to what you normally do. In fact, the stay at the hospital is as little as one to two days, depending on what time of day you had the surgery and it takes a week for you to take it easy. Then gradually you can get back to normal – usually within a month.

The surgery is successful by rejoining the fallopian tubes. The tubes that have been clipped, tied, or cut are rejoined with sutures or tiny stitches. This is done through a tiny (10-12 cm) incision along the bikini line. After just five days a single stitch is removed and you’re set to continue to recover. A general anaesthetic is used so that you’re not in any pain or aware of what is happening till it’s all over with.

So if you are considering a female sterilisation reversal, there’s no reason to be scared. Simply contact us and we can help you with any questions you may have and set your mind at ease.