Female Sterilisation Reversal: FAQ

Can all female sterilisations be reversed ?

If the tubes are removed it is not possible to reverse the sterilisation. However, the best results are obtained when the fallopian tubes have been sterilised using Filshie clips.  Sometimes it is only possible to operate on one of the tubes, which could still make you fertile.

When can I have sex again ?

As soon as you are comfortable and feel inclined to do so, usually wait until after your first period.

Should my partner have a test before I have my operation ?

This is not essential but a normal sperm count by your partner before you have your reversal of sterilisation will be very reassuring. This can be arranged through your husband’s GP and should be free of charge. It would be important to contact the GP first as there might be a protocol that needs to be followed to get an accurate sperm analysis result. If you prefer then a sperm count can be arranged. This will be discussed at your consultation.

When will I become pregnant ?

Many factors affect whether a woman becomes pregnant. If your operation is successful you are most likely to achieve pregnancy in the first year after the surgery.

How can I find out whether the tubes are patent if I don’t achieve pregnancy ?

We advise, if you have not achieved a pregnancy in 6 months, that you have an extra test on your tubes to see if one or both are patent (open). This can be arranged, either at your local hospital or we can arrange this test for you.

This test is called a Hysterosalpingogram where you will have xrays taken of your fallopian tubes after they have been instilled with dye.

What options are available other than female sterilisation reversal ?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) is another option to reversal – the implications of this will be discussed at your consultation.

What do I do when I get a positive pregnancy test ?

You should have an early review of your pregnancy either via your GP or ring the clinic and we could advise you. You may need an early ultra-sound scan to ensure the pregnancy is in the womb.

How can I find out if my ovaries are still producing eggs which can be easily fertilised ?

You could have a hormone test on day 2 or 3 of your menstrual cycle which will help estimate how well you are continuing to produce eggs from your ovaries.

What if I have had a previous Caesarean Section or Sections ?

This does not preclude you from having a reversal of sterlisation. We will discuss the implications of this at your consulation.

Will I need time off work?

It is best to take off about a month.

Is there accommodation near by for my partner to stay ?

Yes, Mandy, Mr Dobson’s secretary can provide further details for your partner to stay while you have your sterilisation reversal.  Click here to request further information about Female Sterilisation Reversal.