Facts To Know About Reversal of Female SterilizationOne of the most common forms of birth control for those that already have children is a tubal sterilization. Most of these procedures are done by putting loops or clips around the fallopian tubes and while this is considered a permanent solution, it is possible to change your mind with a reversal of female sterilization procedure.

Often times in life we change our minds, even on the really important matters like having a baby. With a reversal of the tubal sterilization, it is possible to get pregnant although a few factors determine that success rate.

For instance, the younger the patient, the easier it is to get pregnant since fertility does tend to decrease with age. A patient in her 40’s may not have the same fertility levels as a patient in her 20’s.

The fallopian tubes need to be in good condition as well. Factors such as pelvic infections, endometriosis, fibroids and more can also lessen the chances.

The success rate in becoming pregnant also depends on the male partner’s fertility and varying factors also come into play.

However, with all of these factors in play, the success rates are quite astounding. In a 2009 report from Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center in the USA, even women over 40 had a 31% pregnancy rate and those under 30 had an amazing 80% pregnancy rate.

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