Do You Have Questions About Tubal Ligation ReversalYou can probably think back to the day when you first considered that you had made a mistake by getting tubal ligation surgery. Perhaps you were walking through a store and you saw a newborn baby snuggled up warmly against his mother’s cheek. Or maybe you saw a commercial featuring a smiling, happy, plump baby, and you thought about how nice it would feel to hear that laughter around your house again.

No matter when you started thinking that you wanted to pursue tubal ligation reversal, the fact is, you did start thinking about it. Your mind probably started swirling with all kinds of questions, and your online research only provided so many answers.

Here at the Female Sterilisation Reversal Clinic, we understand that the first step for any patient is getting the answers to their questions. You probably have a lot of questions about things like:

    • How do we know your surgery will be effective?
    • What are the success rates of other women your age?
    • What will your recovery time be like?
    • How much does female sterilisation reversal cost




These questions are normal, and almost all of our patients have these and other questions on their minds the first time they sit down with us in our office. We’re more than happy to answer any question you might have.

One of the things that cause women to put off getting information about female sterilisation reversal is the fact that they’re unsure about what they really want to do. Talking with one of our caring and qualified staff members can you help you, if that’s the place you’re finding yourself in.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that once you begin thinking about having another baby, those thoughts will nag you until you do something about them. Why not contact us to get the information you need, and let us help you take things from there?