Coping with Sterilisation Sterilisation Reversal and How It's PossibleIf you’ve changed your mind about having children, coping with sterilisation may seem impossible right now, but don’t worry, it’s not. It’s very possible to change things with sterilisation reversal, and we’d like to show you how.

With the female sterilisation reversal operation, it is possible to become pregnant by natural means. Whether you had your fallopian tubes tied, cut or clipped, the egg is prevented from traveling to where it needs to be in order to get pregnant. With the operation, the fallopian tubes are rejoined and it is possible to have a baby.

The operation itself only takes an hour or so of your time and you only have to stay in the hospital a day or so depending on what time you have the procedure done. Once home, you should take it easy for the first week or so then can resume normal activities that you feel comfortable with.

The success rates of falling pregnant vary depending on different circumstances like your age and past health history but the statistics are very promising. The important thing is that if you have had female sterilisation in the past and have changed your mind about starting a family or adding to your family, it is possible with sterilisation reversal.

To talk more about this, or anything else, please Contact Us. You can make an appointment for a consultation or simply ask us any questions you may have. We are only concerned about your needs with sterilisation reversal and have no judgements about why you’ve changed your mind at all. The bottom line is that we are here to help you have the family you want.