Changed Your Mind Tubal Ligation Reversal Can HelpThere are many reasons why you might change your mind after having tubal ligation surgery. In fact, often times a woman may have made a decision in the past that she regrets. Whether she has remarried or wants to add to her family or simply changes her mind; tubal ligation reversal can help.

When we are younger we sometimes make decisions that we regret later on in life. Things change and so do our decisions but not every choice we make is reversible. Fortunately, the one decision that is most important to many women is whether or not to have a baby. After having a tubal ligation, some women may believe that everything is permanent and that they have no other options to have a baby naturally. This is far from the truth because a tubal ligation reversal is possible and has a high success rate.

Obviously there are determining factors in the success rate such as age, the partner’s fertility, the length of tube after it is joined together and even what kind of sterilisation was performed. However, with an overall success rate of around 66% with tubal ligation reversal, the odds are in your favour. In fact, in women under the age of 30, an astounding 80% fell pregnant.

It’s not for anyone to judge your decision. In fact, if you wish to learn more about the procedure and your chances of having a baby, all you have to do is contact us for an appointment with Mr Dobson to find out more. If you want to proceed after your consultation you can book your operation date immediately after.

Don’t let a prior decision affect your life forever, there is hope and you can change your mind with our help.