sterilisation reversalIf you’ve been thinking that you wish you hadn’t had a tubal ligation in the past because you’d like to have another baby, it’s possible that you think these are just fleeting thoughts that won’t end up amounting to much in a few weeks. Here at The Female Sterilisation Reversal Clinic, we want you to know that it’s OK to ask questions. In fact, we’ve come up with a few reasons you shouldn’t put off finding out more about sterilisation reversal.

Reason #1: You’re getting older

While our surgeon, Mr Samuel Dobson, has had great success with sterilisation reversal, our rates of success do go down with the age of the patient. It’s better not to put off asking questions so that if you do decide to go ahead with the surgery, you can have it done as soon as possible.

Reason #2: You want to have facts to discuss with your partner

One of the hardest parts about making a decision to have sterilisation reversal surgery is discussing the procedure with your partner before you have all the facts you need. It’s better to have your questions answered so that you and your partner can make an informed decision.

Reason #3: Your desire for another baby isn’t likely to go away

For most women, once they start having a desire to get pregnant again, the feeling rarely just goes away. Most of the time, it gets stronger and stronger over time. Talking to a surgeon about the procedure now will save you a lot of valuable time, and it will help you know what you should do.

If you’ve been thinking about having sterilisation reversal surgery, we want you to know that the staff at The Female Sterilisation Reversal Clinic are here to help you. We’d love to answer your questions, and we can set you up with an appointment with Mr Dobson so that you can begin the process and have your procedure done as soon as possible, if that’s your choice.

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